Ryans Muddy Boot - The Irish Pub in München Neuhausen and Dachau

Welcome to Ryan's Muddy Boot

Ryan's Muddy Boot was opened in 2002 and since then over a decade has passed by,It has never been easy but my motto in life is “You've got nothing to prove to anybody else but yourself" and that is what i've done it all started off as a childhood dream and has now become something more of a dream than ever expected or could be imagined?


What await's you should be the feeling Jasus i'm in Ireland the warmness of the dimmed light's the scent of whisky in the air the sound of the music , everything from Irish folk to rock their is something for everyone's taste, No matter what age you are young or old expect that Irish feeling.


My Irish living room in Munich


Cead mile failte


A hundred thousand welcome's

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